Thursday, May 11, 2006

first Yayhoos weekend of '06

Back from the first Yayhoos "Hammer" run.

Keith and I made it back tuesday night. To Williamsburg that is... on the way back the brakes on the mighty Suburban started a little grinding so after we dropped the gear off at the Studio we went straight to S & C Truck to get a little love whipped on the truck.

Our Yayhoos run was a total blast. A couple days rehearsal in Nashville were followed by opening night at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta and a silly late night at the Nick in Birmingham. We didn't know much about the private party we were booked for on friday night in Chattanoogie but when we got there we found out it was a surprise birthday party for Alli Bowers thrown by her husband Rick! A blast was had by all. Then we rolled back to Nashville for our gig at 3rd & Lindsley. Got to see a lot of pals and we played live on the radio. Thanks to all that came out for all the shows and double thanks to those who went home w Yayhoos shirts and cd's too!

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from behind the drums...

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