Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lake Geneva....

Lake Geneva gets better all the time.
My first summer at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin was in 1969. I was at Camp Northwestern when Neil Armstrong put his foot down on the moon that hot July 21st.

There's a ton of stuff that I've enjoyed about Lake Geneva for years... way to much to even list...Sailing School, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing at Majestic, Chucks, taking the boat full of family and freinds to resteraunts like the old Shore Club and Bay Shore. Holidays, Weekends, Weekdays, George the Cop, Neighbors in Indian Hills, Grilling on the Webber...all kinds of stuff.

After I got into cycling in the last few years I also realized that my family lived in one of the most fantastic cycling areas I've every experianced all this time. My friend David turned me on to a great Ride Book put together by RRB Cycles in Lake Geneva. I'd link you to their website if they had one.

Its got 21 area rides with cue sheets and maps. Last week I did a different loop every day while I was there to visit my Mom and Dad. I didn't see any other Track bikes on the road but I had a great time on some beautiful blacktop like this tree lined stretch of Bailey Road near Williams Bay.

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My Dad said I needed to go to Freds Worlds Best Burger in Burlington.

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The sign says "Freds Worlds Best Burger". The burger was damn good. Padre and I had ours in the classic old style with mustard, pickle and raw onion.

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It was a damn good burger but I have to admit I liked their fresh homemade potato chips even more.

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they were cut on some type of spiral cutter and came out hot hot hot. IMHO these are the Worlds Best Potato Chips!

Obligatory Bike Porn Shot.
here's my 1999 KHS Aero Track down in Fontana with my Phil Wood/Mavic wheelset and the Tri-guy type seatpost bottle mounts.

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I always look forward to getting back to 'the lake'

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

more food, tubular this time

Fontana on Geneva Lake.
So good.
Fresh Bratwurst, not pre cooked. Cooked over an open flame. Not boiled in beer. What are you thinking? Drink the beer, don't cook with it! Cook slow in Webber Grill using the cyclonic action. Watch them. Turn, cover, turn, cover, turn cover. Let the flames kiss the brats...put a little snap on the skin. Then they are ready. No fancy mustard needed. Regular Plochmans is great for brats. maybe a little Vidalia onion.

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there is a trick item in this picture.... can you find it?

Bratwurst best enjoyed after a round the lake boat ride.

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Mary Lee's Corvette post round the lake boat ride 7/12/06
Konrad Meisner, Rod Hohl, Mary Lee Kortes, Eric Ambel

Monday, July 03, 2006

Best in Show!

Saturday was Bike Fetish Day over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A block party located a block away from my Studio they had a NYC block party set up with food and lots of bike stuff. Lot of different people were out with bikes and bike related stuff like Taliah Lempert's super cool Bike Paintings

They had some contests for best track bike, heaviest bike, ugliest bike, best commuter, best vintage, most loved bike and best of show. My freind Roberto convinced me to enter the contest and my Todd Hanson painted De Bernardi trackbike ended up grabbing the blue ribbon honors for "Best In Show"

Afterwards the hardcore kids sped off on an alleycat race and we headed to the Lakeside Lounge to watch the Prologue stage of the Tour De France.

The Lakeside will be showing the Tour De France rebroadcast every day at 5pm. Come join us.

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Hanson/DeBernardi w blue ribbon!