Saturday, November 10, 2007

been a while

yeah, well,
it has been a while. I've been sorta 'laid up'. I got 'doored' by the passenger of a car service (nicer than
a cab, cheaper than a limo) car over a month ago. I ended up going down on my right wrist hard enough
to fracture my scaphoid bone. Fancy doctor ended up putting a fancy pin in my wrist. That hurt like hell
after the nerve block wore off.

It has been 6 weeks of no bike for me so far which has been at least a little of a drag. After the first 2 weeks
with the cast on I started to regain use of my right hand. I've been working on a record with my good friend
(good enough to come and pick me up from the hospital kind of good friend) Chip Robinson here at my
home recording set up. Chip and I have been getting together for fancy coffee and recording. We may have
started out making some sketches but they are turning into paintings.

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Chip enjoys some french press brewed Cenaproc coffee from Bolivia while recording at Lily's Terrace.
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Thanks to Chip for getting me home from the hospital and thanks to everybody for all the get well notes.