Friday, November 07, 2008

Wicked Pig

since the Presidential Election I have gone wildly off my diet. Wildly.
It happens then you get back on....eventually but not today.
A couple weeks back I saw a pork sandwich mentioned on the Lunch
blog. Turns out the spot was real close to my East Village location.
I dig the Pig. I wanted some but the sandwich was off my diet and every time
I rolled by the tiny joint it was slammed packed out to the sidewalk.

Today I took a ride by there on the Rocky Mountain Track Bike at the perfect between meals time of 1:45 and took a look.

Porchetta & the Rocky MT

Porchetta is all about the Sandwich

The Sandwich

made from this tasty roast which has a fabulous taste that involves some fresh Fennel pollen.

The Roast

I will get back on my diet....

(I will have to finish off that ice cream I bought last night first)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thanks and Congrats

Obama Wins NYTimes

Yesterday was mighty exciting. I'm mostly at a loss for words but I do feel good and I feel goodness around me.
Last night Mary Lee and I watched the Election Returns for as long as we could before heading over to the
Lakeside to catch George Gilmore and his band while the info
came in on the TV.


I'm proud of how Barack Obama ran his campaign. I have high hopes for what he'd like to help us do. My fingers
remain crossed for him and our country.

More than that I'm really proud of the Young People for getting involved in this election and getting out there and voting.
The Young People have never voted like this before. They/You really brought this one home
in a very real way. Color me impressed, moved and thankful.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I'm not too hot on Halloween.
Never had a lot of luck with it.
My punk rock band back in Wyoming The Dirty Dogs used to throw some rather amazing parties but that was more Alex Ocheltree, lead singer guy's doing than mine. (little more Dirty Dogs Dirt)

This year I was to meet ML at my recording studio partner Tim Hatfield's mother in law's apartment for some fantastic food while overlooking the Halloween Parade below on 6th Avenue.

I left the East Village early but not early enough. I couldn't get across 6th Avenue. I tried 9th Street, then tried 11th, then walked back to 5th Ave to try 14th street where the cops told me I couldn't go. Couldn't get in the subway either. They told me to go to 16th Street "the end of the parade" .... Kramer Please!! no way was that the end of the parade. I finally had to give up, make the call, send a text and head back to the East Village after being 30 inpenatrable yards from the party.

While walking away from the throngs of people, seeing the city open up since 2 million of them were behind me on 6th Ave I started thinking about one of Eric Asimov's recommendations that I'd never been able to try Una Pizza Naplitana. When I got there I found the place empty and I was tired, hungry and thirsty. I had a Pizza Margherita and a glass of what the owner called "Pizza Wine". I can't get all foodie about it because I was tired, hungry and thirsty but I really enjoyed my meal there and it hit the spot for me on another level too 'cause it was not cheap at all and after attempting to be a part of things on Halloween I really deserved something not cheap.
I took a pic with my iPhone. I'm new to the iPhone but I am liking it a lot.
I'm going to put Halloween into my iCal to remind myself that Halloween is really not my thing.

snazzy pizza on 12th St