Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ten Years Ago.....Lakeside Lounge

Ten Years Ago.....Lakeside Lounge

Ten Years Ago the Hound and Roscoe opened up theLakeside Lounge on Avenue B between 10th and 11th Streets.

The Hound had gotten tired of pointing out where the action is
on his crazy weekly WFMU radio program and Roscoe had
gotten tired of being part of the hateful (to the audience and the band) CBGB inspired 5 bands per night hustle so they opened their own joint.

Since April of '96 the Lakeside has had a lot of great music on its tiny stage. From the Bottle Rockets to Joey and Dee Dee Ramone in the first month...? Mark & the Mysterians, Freedy Johnston, The Minus Five, North Mississippi Allstars, Robert Randolph, Marshall Crenshaw, Beat Rodeo, The Izzys, The Purple Wizzard and Roscoe's bands including the Yayhoos, Roscoe's Gang and Steve Earle & the Dukes. Tons of great bands from near and far...many of them listed on the Lakeside's website.

The Hound has kept the jukebox stomping over the last ten years with great music. A lot of it transfered directly from scratchy 45's and 78's for your listening pleasure.

We've hosted many book parties, sold Steve Keene paintings, hosted photo shoots and even had a couple movies filmed in there.

This Saturday night marks our 10th year on Avenue B. Please join us as we pay tribute to the Hound's most out of control jukebox. The band (Roscoe Trio) will be backing various Lakeside performers including but not limited to... Steve Wynn, Freedy, Pete Galub, Mary Lee Kortes and Staff members Alex Feldesman, Leslie Day as they knock out selections from the Lakeside Jukebox.

Get there early, we gotta give it back to the Jukebox by midnight.

thanks to all the bands and all our customers for the great ten years....and many more

Lakeside Lounge. 4pm till 4am daily

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...........................Yayhoos content.....................................................
Since Yayhoos Keith Christopher and Eric Ambel will be playing in the Roscoe Trio we will have the new Yayhoos cd "Put The Hammer Down" on hand for sale as well as the new
screaming blue Yayhoos t-shirt. If you aren't in NYC this Saturday night you can get the cd and the new T-shirt at Yayhoos


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