Sunday, July 05, 2009

Busier than a cranberry merchant

"Busier than a cranberry merchant" is an expression my Grandmother used to use. It always baffled
my sister and I. Far as I can tell cranberries don't have a due date on 'em?

Anyway, been very busy at the new Cowboy Technical Services with a lot of mixing. We finished mixing Ted Morris's debut record from Stockholm and headed over to the historic Pencil Factory Building in Greenpoint to master the stuff with Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.


After we got Ted's master all tweaked out we did the final sequencing on the upcoming New Heathens record titled "Hello Disaster" then as we were quite hungry from all this tweaking we headed back to Williamsburg for dinner.

It has been raining every few hours here for the last 7 weeks but riding in the pouring rain is no problem
when you have Peter Lugers as your destination

The Rocky Track locked up out front of Lugers.

Paul, Tim Hatfield and I proceeded with the Lugers experience.
Rolls with Luger sauce

followed by the Lugers version of a salad

I'd never had the Lugers bacon before. I think it may have been oven cooked. Fantastic.
Lugers Bacon

Steak for 3
lugers steakI didn't get a picture of the Lugers hash browns because knives and forks were flying at that point

And some streudel

I've said it before but Lugers aging process of their Porterhouse really brings out the difference in taste between the rib and tenderloin sides of the steak.

Back to more mixing this week with a great band from Cleveland called Robbing Mary and a fun gig with Chip Robinson and the Roscoe Trio the other night at the Lakeside.

Busier than a cranberry merchant.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to a web search, it appears that people shorten that quote, and it should be something like "busier than a cranberry merchant in November (or December)when there is peak demand for cranberriers! Reminds me of those two guys standing in a bog on TV!

1:10 PM  

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