Monday, February 08, 2010

This guy can wail the Superbowl halftime in heels in the rain.

Superbowl XLI Half-Time Show Starring Pr
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In Feb of '07 I was in Spain on tour with the Yayhoos. The Bears were up against the Colts for the title. The game was
not on the tv system in our hotel in Madrid. Dan Baird and I found an English Pub that was gonna carry the game. We got there and
it was packed to the gills. There were a couple huge obvious American ex pro football players (championship rings and all) at the door. We got right behind them as the the bouncer escorted them to the back room of the joint. Lots of really loud Americans in there (it's a football game so that's fine). Bears didn't do so well but man o man when Prince came out he kicked it hard with his small band. Most of 'em since then have been playing to some kind of pre-recorded track. This clip contains some of the wildest guitar playing I've ever heard on live TV and a Great Marching Band.

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Blogger cm said...

I always thought this was pretty rocking too.

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