Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Yayhoos:Put the Hammer Down

Summer has always given us hope that our favorite Rock and Roll band was about to put out that next big sing-a-long blockbuster hit. Wild and free from the demands of school, we needed that release that great new music gave us! We wanted some loud, rockin' guitars playing great riffs like the ones in "Never Give an Inch" and "Would it Kill You".  We wanted some big fat drums down in a groove and moving our asses like the bombastic "Where's Your Boyfriend At" and the just plain rude, "Getting' Drunk". We wanted jaywalking bass lines that went where they wanted to, when they wanted to, like only Keith Christopher can deliver and does deliver on rambunctious covers like "Love Train" and "Roam". We wanted a great story like "All Dressed Up" and some hard pop like "Hurtin' Thing" But on top of all of that we wanted crazy people screaming their heads off and having a good time! Well, there's plenty of that on here! Just pop on the infectious "Anything/Everything" and try NOT to sing or scream along with the Yayhoos own theme song! It's impossible! And that's all we ever wanted. And that's all you'll find on The Yayhoos new PUT THE HAMMER DOWN.

the Yayhoos

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