Thursday, February 28, 2008


ok, I'm sitting outside this sorta resort-ish place in Koblenz.
The Hotel Lady said we "MUST" get out of our rooms. She's got all these
posters of bands that stayed at this little wine country hotel. I think
she must have had a run in with a musician many many years ago.
Could't sit in the lobby either 'cause she "MUST" clean.

They have a siesta type thing here too. Sorta of a mid day work slowdown.

I woke from a dream about a big juicy burger. I'm ready for stateside...or at least a town?


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Getting Better

Over here in Europe on tour w The Brandos.
Phil Cimino has been keeping us cracked up
to an almost isometric degree. The tunes are a blast. I'm getting better at putting my contacts in.
My right wrist is feeling pretty strong. Got my left fingers slammed in a door today. Looked worse than it
actually was:) Getting Better.....

Not so good at dealing w all the cigarettes in Holland though. Makes the singing pretty tough.. Old Country indeed!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Germany...The Brandos....I'm nuts!

Hello Friends,

I've just about got all my stuff packed up. I'm heading to Frankfurt tonight to do a tour
with The Brandos in Germany.


Check out that link. The Brandos are a fiery bunch. I got my buddy Phil Cimino on the gig playing drums and we'll
also be seeing Grant Austin who worked with me at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig when Timbo was down in Australia.

So I'm headed for Germany for a month and what do I do to get ready?
Throw some Bratwurst on the stove of course...... NUTS I tell you!


Friday, February 08, 2008

Well, if Rupert Says so.......

Rupert Neve 5088 Console
The new 5088 Rupert Neve Designs console (phone pic from the AES show)

Vintage Neve 1067 modules at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig

Monday, February 04, 2008

Band House Gigs Clip/Nils/Tommy Keene

Back in 2004 I participated in a very cool show that was held on "Nils Lofgren Day".
The show was put on by the guys at Band House Gigs
You can get the DVD of the whole show from the Band House Guys. Here's a clip of me playing
"A Child Could Tell" from the Nils Lofgren CD "Crooked Line" that I produced.
That is Tommy Keene kicking the lead guitar.