Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Weekend

Last weekend I went out for a little head clearing ride around the East Village on my Vivalo. Heading uptown
along Avenue B I figured I'd go past my street and keep going for a while longer when WHAM something hit
me in the right side of my head just below my helmet. I steadied myself on the bike and raised my hand
to my ear to see that there was no bleeding. I didn't hear anything strange so I turned around to go back
to the corner of B and 8th to see what was there. I figured maybe some kids where throwing rocks or apples
or maybe a golf ball (that's what it felt like). I got there and saw the guy getting in his cab and nothing going
on down 8th Street. I'm sure I had a huge questionmark above my head/helmet at this point when a couple that
I could only describe as "Times Readers" came into the crosswalk and declared "You hit the bird" while pointing
to a little wren that was there on the pavement. I, a "Times Reader" also mind you, replied "the bird hit me"!

I was ok. My ear was ringing a little but that isn't new. There was nothing on me except the graphic of a couple
upside down Columbus Tubing birds on my Trackstar t-shirt.

I then realized that I had to take a picture of the departed bird who, as one of my friends told me later, was untethered by
the rules of one way traffic in the city. I think the bird was either in high pursuit of another bird or trying to beat it into
Tompkins Square Park to make some kind of afternoon bird hoedown. So I took a pic of the little thing to share
on the internet 'cause that is what we do nowadays.


Bird on B


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