Monday, October 04, 2010

A year at Gordy's Pier

I'm full of cliches.
One of which is "I've been everywhere twice".

Semi-true. The rock and roll has taken me all over the globe. Lucky for me
the second time I got a better look at things. The other half of my personally
generated cliche is "...but Lake Geneva is the only place I've ever missed."

More specifically Fontana, Wisconsin on the west end of Geneva Lake. I could go
on and on about Lake Geneva, Fontana, Chucks (the benchmark of Wisconsin taverns)
but that would detract from just looking at the lake.

Gordy's Sept 21 2010

You can read the history of Gordy's on their site.
Gordy the man was responsible for the little marina that blossomed and also a bar named Chucks a few doors down.

A little over a year ago one of my lake buddies David McPherson let me know that Gordy's had a 24 Hour Webcam
up in the office pointed at the lake. It became an instant personal favorite. I could see the lake. I could see what kind of
weather they were having. I could occasionally even see somebody I knew.

I'd check it all the time, especially in the morning. I'd check it before I called my Dad.
Some people thought it was nuts for me to keep an eye on the webcam.
But a lot of people liked to follow along to the posts at Facebook.

Well, I found a link that anybody (you don't have to be signed up to Facebook) can use to see one whole year of pics grabbed from
Gordy's Webcam. Open the link then to go from picture to picture just click on the
picture itself. A lot happens in a year at the lake.

Link to a year of pics from Gordy's Webcam

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