Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I had a ridiculous good time at the sold out Mercury Lounge show with the Bottle Rockets and the Apple Bros. this weekend. It was a real show with 3 bands that 'fit' together, shared equipment and had a generally great time. Really looking forward
to having the Bottle Rockets in my Studio next month.


It was also a ridiculous good time to have Chip Robinson playing with the Trio again.

I recently got a totally ridiculous super modern high tech BMC Track Machine that I built up with the parts from my Bianchi Pista Concept. It is as ridiculously fast as I am ridiculously slow.
Here's a pic of it set up in 'track mode'


Right now I have it set up in 'ironic coffee bike mode' with some riser bars and mismatched tires.

I'm looking forward to having a ridiculous good time working with Mark McKay this weekend.

Ridiculous good times to all.