Monday, July 03, 2006

Best in Show!

Saturday was Bike Fetish Day over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A block party located a block away from my Studio they had a NYC block party set up with food and lots of bike stuff. Lot of different people were out with bikes and bike related stuff like Taliah Lempert's super cool Bike Paintings

They had some contests for best track bike, heaviest bike, ugliest bike, best commuter, best vintage, most loved bike and best of show. My freind Roberto convinced me to enter the contest and my Todd Hanson painted De Bernardi trackbike ended up grabbing the blue ribbon honors for "Best In Show"

Afterwards the hardcore kids sped off on an alleycat race and we headed to the Lakeside Lounge to watch the Prologue stage of the Tour De France.

The Lakeside will be showing the Tour De France rebroadcast every day at 5pm. Come join us.

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Hanson/DeBernardi w blue ribbon!


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