Friday, July 20, 2007

Guitar Player Magazine

A few years ago I got my copy of Guitar Player Magazine in the mail and
it had a note on it........
......"This is the Last Copy of Guitar Player Magazine You Will Ever Receive"
Joe Satriani was on the cover. The note was a relief.
In the last 28 years I just didn't play enough notes or gigs in San Francisco to
qualify for the magazine but that is ok....
Guitar Player has finally recognized me in a way.
The Stonetree Roscoe Deluxe gets
a rundown on Guitar Player TV
Click on "Stonetree Roscoe" in the margin to watch Nigel Tuffnel's cousin explain the guitar

....the guitar in question
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Saturday, July 14, 2007


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Post Wild Weekend

We made it back folks. It was a crazy journey that required a lot of concentration from the moment
I got in the car to pickup Keith to go to the airport. All those stories on the news about the airlines canceling
flights and offering little to no service? Well the all came to roost for our pal Dan. Its way to long of a story to tell but
the short version would be that after Dan was told to "try again tomorrow" our ace travel guru rerouted Dan who took a couple extra flights to get to Lisbon (Nashville/Chicago/London/Lisbon).

We had a great time in Lisbon. None of us had ever been there. Its a pretty city and it is old old old! They were having the New 7th Wonder Of the World competition there which was a pretty ridiculous pageant type thing that we had fun busting on at dinner.
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Lisbon Dinner

(I caught a little of the Tour de France on TV complete with Portugese announcers that afternoon) We played the rock show and after that we went into our 'we are gonna play songs we don't know' segment. Dan finally got to play drums on a song and I got to play bass. It was a first.
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Roscoe on Bass

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Terry on Dan's Guitar

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Dan on Drums

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Keith on 'Scoe's guitar

Back at the hotel just before 3am. Up at 5am to go to the airport to fly to Brussels. We got off the plane and the BosPop representative was waiting to whisk us to the festival in Weert, Netherlands. Got there an hour and 15 minutes before our 2:15 set. Stage was set and aside from some floppy drum hardware and a couple of shocks we had a great hour show for a packed circus tent full of music fans. BosPop is a great small festival. I don't know how many thousand people were there but it was fun and the staff was very pro.

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After a pretty good post gig dinner we were taken to our hotel about 30 miles away where we were greeted with some good news. Single Rooms for everybody.
Lights out for all Yayhoos (even Keith) by 7pm. Up at 5 again to drive to Amsterdam for the flights home. Keith and I were stuck in a long line but took off first. We were back in the East Village by 1pm. Terry and Dan's flight was delayed. This of course threw another wrench into the works. Terry was re-routed onto the next available flight but US Air gave Dan the shaft again. Dan didn't make it home until Tuesday morning.

Thanks to all the guys who played great and kept their Yayhooian humor. Thanks to Lisbon and Bospop gangs for the hostly-ness, Thanks to David and Bas for putting the gigs together and thanks to Becker for getting us all there and back.

photos from a whole bunch of nice folks

Friday, July 06, 2007

Wild Weekend!

The Yayhoos are at it again. We are getting on a plane tonight to fly to Lisbon, Portugal where we will play tomorrow (and none of us has ever been), really late almost Sunday actually. Then we will not really sleep after the crazy ass Lisbon gig and go to the airport way the hell early Sunday Morning to fly to Brussels to drive to Weert, Netherlands so we can play the BOSPOP Festival in front of thousands of denim clad Dutch folks at 2 in the afternoon. At that point I predict we will be done, like Done/cooked/beatup.
Upside? All upside playing w the Yayhoos plus Saturday is the opening prologue stage of the Tour De France so while I'm in a post Atlantic redeye flight daze in the hotel I can watch whatever guys that haven't been caught for falling asleep w a testosterone patch on their nuts ride like crazy from London to the east coast of England and listen to some relaxing Portugese commentary! Here Goes!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Roscoe Ringtone!

You know you need this!

Stepside Send ringtone

It is a freebie. Go get it.