Friday, July 06, 2007

Wild Weekend!

The Yayhoos are at it again. We are getting on a plane tonight to fly to Lisbon, Portugal where we will play tomorrow (and none of us has ever been), really late almost Sunday actually. Then we will not really sleep after the crazy ass Lisbon gig and go to the airport way the hell early Sunday Morning to fly to Brussels to drive to Weert, Netherlands so we can play the BOSPOP Festival in front of thousands of denim clad Dutch folks at 2 in the afternoon. At that point I predict we will be done, like Done/cooked/beatup.
Upside? All upside playing w the Yayhoos plus Saturday is the opening prologue stage of the Tour De France so while I'm in a post Atlantic redeye flight daze in the hotel I can watch whatever guys that haven't been caught for falling asleep w a testosterone patch on their nuts ride like crazy from London to the east coast of England and listen to some relaxing Portugese commentary! Here Goes!

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Anonymous t red said...

So does that mean no bike ride this trip? Surely you can fit one in somewhere!

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Javi said...

Damn!... i could not make it :-(

2:11 AM  

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