Monday, September 15, 2008

Back from Stumptown

Had a great time last week in Portland, OR.
I was there at Jackpot! producing a new record for Kasey Anderson.

Kasey at Jackpot
While I was there we tracked 10 songs in between meals with Jordan Richter engineering the sessions.

Jordan at Jackpot.

Portland is a pretty fabulous place. As readers know I have been pretty much everywhere at least twice but I have to say that Portland stands alone as probably the best cycling city in America. The city has gone to great lengths to help cyclists but the
cyclists have risen to the challenge in Portland. My buddy Dan Gonzales loaned me his Eddy Merckx track bike to ride while I was in town. In a whole week I didn't see a single cyclist blow a red light or go the wrong way against traffic. That is how the cycling ideal works. They have a great online Bicycle Trip Planner that helps you find the safe bike routes around town. Really fantastic.

Portland bridge

Not only is Portland the home of one of my all time favorite rock and roll bands of all time
paul revere
but Portland is also home to Stumptown Roasters. Stumptown is great stuff.

stumptown press
nice "crema"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portland! You were >< this close to Olympia.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous J.D. King said...

For a while, The Raiders were THE BEST!!!

7:03 AM  

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