Friday, October 02, 2009

A few things for friday

Mix Magazine has a rep as the big, glossy corporate recording mag with content ruled by advertisers but you know, some times a rep just doesn't connect with the facts. Sure, Mix can be just those things but every issue contains at least one fantastic bit and Mix has put them all together in a book called Classic Tracks. The monthly Classic Tracks column dedicates itself to a song and the folks who produced it in very interesting detail. Some amazing stuff in there. The book is for your coffee table. You get get all the columns right here at the Mix Classic Tracks page.
Also of note: the Greg Trooper record that I recorded with Tim Hatfield at the now departed Coyote Studios in 1995 has been released and you can get it from Greg's website and also from iTunes. I've been trying to help get this record finished and out for a long time. Greg had brought some great songs and a great band. Tim and I mixed it this summer at the new studio. Check it out. Greg Trooper: The Williamsburg Affair

Dennis Bean-Larson is the guy who runs the Fixed Gear Gallery website. There's fixed gear bike porn on there every day. Over 10,000 reader submitted bikes so far. Dennis also goes to Interbike which is the annual autoshow of bikes in that heathen hell hole of Las Vegas. Dennis
provides fantastic photo coverage for all of us so we can stay home. Check out his '09 Interbike coverage here.

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