Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bottle Rockets -Aug 11 Lean Forward

I'm pretty damned excited that today is August 11 and that marks the release of the new
Bottle Rockets record "Lean Forward". The Bottle Rockets are one of the best Band's I've
ever had the pleasure of working with as a producer. I've done 3 LP's and an EP with them over the
years. (Lean Forward makes it 4)
First was Brooklyn Side, recorded at the fondly remembered Coyote Studios on N 6th
Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Coyote is gone now due to the former meat market street turning
into a different type of Meat Market resulting in many bars and an American Apparel store.

Next was 24 Hours A Day which we tracked at the 'Coug's guitar player Mike Wanchic's joint in Bloomington,
Indiana. We all got our own rooms at the Motel 6 and we were greeted every morning by a young
girl who wanted badly to leave Bloomington for more hipster digs like NYC who we affectionately
refered to as "Eyebrows". We did some overdubs in NYC and mixed with the fabulously English Mr
Richard "Dick" Dodd in the Berry Hill section of Nashville.

We had some leftover tracks from 24 Hours A Day that became known, oddly enough, as "Leftovers"
Then we went to Lou's The Studio in Springfield, MO to record "Brand New Year" in 1999.

It had been quite a while since we worked together but we had always stayed in touch. I was
never as excited as I was the morning I opened up my e-mail to find that the Bottle Rockets
wanted to make a record with me again.

The record we made with Tim Hatfield engineering last summer at the old Cowboy Technical Services
basement location on Hope Street in Williamsburg is released today on Bloodshot Records.
You can get it through iTunes or from the Band's Webstore or Bloodshot's Webstore or your local record shop.
The record is available on CD and Limited Edition Vinyl.

I hope you'll dig it as much as I do.


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Blogger Nate said...

Pre-ordered mine weeks ago and saw yesterday that I had a note for a parcel bigger than could fit in my Post Office box...

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Tommy Lee said...

Nice work on Lean Forward, Roscoe!
It jumps right outa the speakers yet hardly sounds "produced" at all..
That's a GOOD thing.

Tommy Lee

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, got a brill review in Classic Rock Mag over here in the UK " this could be the CD of the Year".
Well done, great sound.



9:35 AM  

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