Saturday, August 05, 2006


I think Floyd Landis just got handed this years version of the rawest deal in sports.

I can't really figure out what to say other than that.

If you'd like to read
a couple things that would be a little beyond what "McNews" is gonna tell you about this year's "Scandal"
here's a couple different articles.

CLICKHERE to read what Bob Roll from
has to say about the situation.

Also HERE is an article about how poor and non standard the tests and the test labs are from Read 'em and check it out for yourself.

I'd be glad to let you in on my training secret.
This is my favorite thing for recovery after a long day in the saddle....

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I usually adhere to the "2 topping rule" but my friend Roberto got me to go for a third this time at Pizza Gruppo. My favorite Pizza joint. Just one block up from the Lakeside Lounge


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