Friday, September 01, 2006

and a blast was had

Great run with the Yayhoos.
Ten gigs, a radio show, a Neil Young celebration and one fun but disorganized semi southern rock fest
later I found myself back at home in the East Village in NYC where I was greated by one
of my all time favorite treats of all time...

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I love deviled eggs. When I think of people who are totally out of control, try to understand what makes them do what they
do and why they have to do it.... I just think of deviled eggs.

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check out Terry's Blog for more stories and pics from the Yayhoos run.
I'm headed back to Fontana, Wisconsin. Hit the blacktop on my orange bike. May even make it to the Elkhorn County Fair and toast the end of the summer at Chucks for Vegetable Day.

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orange bike across the street from Chucks


Blogger extrastorchy said...

Gotta say that the above posts made me a little homesick. I live in TA's neck of the woods now (Well, Durham--close enough), but I lived in Milwaukee up until 10 years ago. Nice folks there, if a bit rotund. And it's hard to be unhappy in a place that has a bar on every corner.

1:59 AM  

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