Thursday, August 23, 2007

and back to the bike already!

all this birthday stuff had me skippin' over this years 3rd annual International Fixed Gear Symposium put on by the Fixed Gear Wizzard himself and his friends and family up in Traverse City, Michigan August 8-11. The event was the best one yet with an added day and a lot of added action including a hill climb competition, semi closed course sprints race and bike polo along with a bunch of rides, bike building contest, alleycat, trackstand competition, skids contest and a Fixed Gear Century (100 mile ride) that went through 4,200 vertical feet. Fantastic time with old friends and new.

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Trevor took this photo of 9 of the 10 to do the Century. Trevor isn't in the pic cause we were out in the sticks with no photo help in sight.

Fixed Gear Gallery


Blogger Javi said...

La Vuelta passed just by my place yesterday!

5:29 AM  

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