Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Political Hate-stream.....anydamnway

The Political Hate-stream is wearing me down. I think it is wearing all of us down. So in the decidedly
off topic column.........

TV coverage of this years Beijing Olympics pretty much sucked if you wanted to see anything except
volleyball or gymnastics. But one morning I was lucky enough to have NBC's Today Show on while
going through my coffee routine and I saw a short segment with US Olympic
Track Cyclist Michael Blatchford taking Today
Show Host Matt Lauer out for some laps on the Laoshan Velodrome. Lauer handled himself really well
on the bike and asked some really good questions. I've never been able to find the video on Youtube
but here's a pic.

Matt Lauer & Michael Blatchford
Blatchford giving Lauer a few pointers on riding the boards.


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