Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Food Post

In pics.
Ham goes in
Champaign Ham from Lobels goes in.

Christmas Kitchen prep
Table preparations by the Lovely Wife.

Ham Done!
Champaign Glazed Ham comes out!

ham carving
Ham Carving

Christmas Table
Christmas Table

Christmas Plate
Christmas Plate...clockwise from Ham, Roberto's Cole Slaw, ML's Squash Timbales and Diana's Artichoke dish.

texas cake
and the Texas Italian Cake.

Thanks to Roberto, Brooke, Diana, Lyn and Mary Lee.


Anonymous HardyW said...

Looks delicious.

Hey what's your position on ham gravy? I baked my xmas gift (20# smoked ham) the other day and my wife vetoed pan gravy. I saved the drippings in a 2 qt container in case I find time to make some behind her back anyway.

3:51 PM  

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