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Ok, music gear, not bike gear this time...
over on my website I have pretty darn detailed Gear Page that details the guitar
rig that I had out with me on the tours with Steve Earle & the Dukes. I had to cover
a lot of sounds w Steve and this rig performed really well cause it is all rock solid stuff and because the guys who moved it around (the Dukes Crew guys who teched for me-Justin, Brian, Brent and Chief too...hell all of 'em!) took such good care of it.

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my fabulous sounding Dr Z Amps

When I'm playing with the Roscoe Trio or sitting in with TANDY I go by "New York Rules" which means don't take anything you can't carry up/down the stairs in one trip.

Of course it couldn't be done without the Fender Pro Jr. Designed by Bruce Zinky for Fender in the early 90's this little Class A dual EL 84 monster pretty much can do everything that I like except for crushingly loud/clean Surf Music. I've used the Pro Jr's on tons of records and we have a pair for house rigs at the Lakeside Lounge.

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Fender Pro Jr.

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Tuki full bottom cover keeps in nice.

I present to you the Don & Dewey Model 'batteries only' pedalboard. The board itself came from a Steve Keene Art sale. Besides it being cool and Don & Dewey and all... the board fit perfectly into a bag that I had from the very first Alesis Drum Machine. the Don & Dewey Model is all about portable and quick. Batteries means I don't have to get AC power to my place on the stage. I'm not carrying a power supply or a heavy extension cord either and I don't need a voltage converter overseas.

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Don and Dewey Model Pedalboard nicked up around the corners by the damn airlines

Signal goes like this..
Into the Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner footpedal operation w standby switch. Then over to this great Boss DM-3 Analog Delay that I've had since the Del-Lords. The names of these pedals were long ago obscured by Roscoe Diner stickers to hide their origins from pedal geeks and Audley Freed. Then I go over to my new favorite tremolo pedal the Aramat Tubular Tremolo. It sounds really great and has a makeup gain that can be used as clean boost in a pinch. Then we go down to the fantastic Frantone Brooklyn Overdrive. This is the best overdrive I've ever heard for small amps and that is all I have to say about that. Now last but by all means not least I have one more little spot left for one more pedal... its gotta be fun and its gotta be light. I've had some wiggle pedals there in the past but when I found this little thing over at the Guitar Bar in Hoboken I found a $40 chunk of pure teenage enthousiasm. The Danelectro Black Licorice octave/fuzz is the only octave fuzz I found that did the octave DOWN. Its cheap. the knobs broke off. It eats batteries but after you've been playing for an hour and you need a little more this thing has it in spades. Plain old batshit crazy spades.

I have been using the George L cables for the pedalboard for quite a while. Great for the pedalboard you just clip 'em to size and use George's special plugs. When the Yayhoos were headed to Europe this feb I also switched over to George L's guitar cables. When you take 2 cables and a spare it really lightens the bag. Don't let this size of the George L's fool you. Tom Heyman told me they are tough and every body knows they are hi-fi as all get out.

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Since the Stonetree Roscoe Deluxe showed up last summer it has pretty much changed things for me as far as all the guitar switching goes. Put it this way. There are a bunch of very sexy guitars over at my Studio stomping their feett and biting their pouty lips for lack of attention. Way it goes.

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Roscoe Deluxe Sr. w my old road bike (Andy York has the bike now)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
thank´s for the gear-update! Doesn´t it bother you, that three of the pedals on your board suck some tone because they have no True-Bypass?
All the best,

3:58 AM  
Blogger roscoe said...

no, it doesn't bother me. My big rig is true bypass. This thing is portable and light. My heavy strings more than make up for any loss. I guess you never lived in a 6th floor walkup! :)

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... to hide their origins from pedal geeks and Audley Freed"... lovely quote.

The f@#$in stonetree is great, and those p92 are amazing pickups. Sure would love to get me one... someday (in the Jr. size please).


8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very interesting stuff, dude!

any "old" bike for sale so far...?!!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Wornoutmorgan said...

This is making me jumpy, you haven't put up a photo of food for two entries now.

7:23 PM  

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