Wednesday, February 28, 2007

gettin' it!

Here's a few pics...starting with the "dependable Cobb" from the Hard Rock in Stockholm

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Hard Rock Cafe has a good Cobb.... Unfortunately for us the Hard Rock Stockholm was in the middle of a fierce legal battle with the tennant/owners of their building. The night we were scheduled to play the Hard Rock was threatened with Eviction if any music was performed live. Too bad 'cause we were ready and there was a good crowd of folks, some of whom had traveled a long way to get there. Promoter refunded everyones money, bought free drinks and 65 of our cd's to give to the patrons. Band sure hopes to come back and play a proper show.

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Madrid was our 'home base'. I met the guys from "Love To Art" a couple years ago when I was in Spain playing w Steve Earle. They did a fantastic job helping us put together this tour.

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Here's Terry with my Stonetree "Roscoe Deluxe Sr." model guitar on the island of Mallorca. We are doing our theme song "Everything/Anything". Observe proper rock stance.


Blogger philwo said...

There must have been something special in the air that night in Mallorca 'cause my pics look the samelike yours. First I thought there was something wrong with my camera and it produces this kind of art only.
Thanks for posting them.
Stay healthy

5:21 AM  
Blogger philwo said...

Hi Roscoe,
it's me again. In about half an hour I have a gig here in my hometown. It's a great location and we are about to change it from a normal Discothek into a Rock & Roll Club. I'm warming myself up now by listening to Knucklehead.
May I order a signed copy of it ? (How?)
Thanks for all your (and Terry's, Dan's & Keith') inspiration.
Stay healthy,
P.S.if you like, take a look at my blog. There's a pic of you I made in Mallorca.

4:47 PM  

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